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On the huge pinnacle of beautiful Mount Kailasha, Lord Shiva was sitting in samadhi under a Banyan tree. On His marvelous camphor-white body, His reddish-brown hair was scattered artfully. On His hands, neck and chest, rudraksa beads and snakes were hanging as ornaments, enjoying His soothing touch.
His dear vehicle, Nandi the bull, was sitting in front of Him, and a little further away His attendants were enjoying various love plays. A crescent moon was decorating the top of His matted hair as a symbol of Shiva’s mercy. The silvery current of the Holy Ganga was visible through her coolness. His third eye was calm and quiet. The sacred ashes pasted in three lines on His forehead were so beautiful and captivating that it cannot be described in words.
Suddenly Lord Shiva broke His samadhi by chanting “Rama, Rama” as if a cloud had rumbled. Everybody’s eyes were full of love and joy fully turned towards Shiva. From one bush there appeared a beautiful maiden, Sati, the dearest consort of Lord Shiva.
She found her beloved spouse looking at her with special, graceful eyes. She came forward and stood in front of Him with folded hands and a heart full of love. She spoke amiably, “My Lord, my heart swells in joy after seeing You come out of such a long samadhi. How shall I serve You? May I do any service for you, dear? I feel that You wish to say something.”
Lord Shiva replied, “My dear consort, a very pious and auspicious desire is arising in My Being today. Rama, on whom I meditate and contemplate always, whose heart-captivating pastimes I love to narrate to you, He is coming, descending onto the earth with all the Gods and representatives of celestial and astral planets. They are taking birth in the semi-divine and human races so that the Earth will receive the great fortune of His service. I wonder why I alone should miss this valuable holy occasion? Let me also go to the place where He is.”
The beautiful Sati, dangling between the feelings of pleasure and pain, (since her husband’s pleasure was her pleasure, and the separation from Him was great pain) said, “My Lord, Your desire is all auspicious, all sublime, all natural. As I want to serve You, my beloved spouse, so also You want to serve Your Lord, for service is the only expression of deep love. But my Lord, my heart is tormented by just imagining the future separation. Please give me power so that my heart can enjoy Your happiness in totality.
“My Lord, Your Beloved Lord Rama is descending to unburden the Earth of a most powerful ten-headed monster, King Ravana. But, King Ravana is your great devotee, to whom You have offered many boons, for he has satisfied You through ten thousand years of austerity and by sacrificing his ten heads one by one in the fire. How can You help anyone in killing him?”
Lord Shiva laughed and said, “My dear consort, you are very innocent. You need not be afraid of separation. I shall remain always with you. I can manifest Myself in various forms. At times I shall be taking you to Lord Rama, but by another form which will be the manifestation of my eleventh expansion.
“Be aware that I divide My energy into eleven spheres or bodies. It is the eleventh expansion that will be incarnated on earth as Sri Hanumanji. In the past, the demon King, Ravana, insulted and left My eleventh expansion unsatisfied. Now that eleventh expansion can be used to fight with Ravana and serve My Lord Rama. I have decide to take birth from the womb of Anjana by Kesari. Are you happy?”
Sati smiled, filled with joy and love. Shiva embraced her, and Sati embraced Shiva, and both became the very embrace itself, and that embrace became eternal.

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